Pixies Pillows

First Impressions

Pixie is still a young babe but she’s already got 34DD boobs and they’re all natural. Those breasts are the pillows referenced in the title, so you can expect to see her showing them off quite a bit, although it appears as though she’s a non nude model. This cutie can often be found with her hair in pigtails and a stuffed animal in her arms. She poses in lots of t-shirts and tank tops along with cute cotton panties and socks. There’s a hot picture on the tour of her kissing another girl which is quite titillating. Let’s hope there’s more of that inside.

Hot Promises

They make sure to point out multiple times that Pixie is all natural, so take note of that. They also want you to know that she’s 18, and she seems to dress and pose in ways that emphasize her youthfulness. They show off her four latest updates on the tour page, although none of them are dated which has me feeling a little suspicious about the frequency of new additions. You can browse through the tour and read a detailed profile of Pixie to get a little more information about her as well as seeing a few free pictures.


The first thing you’ll see after entering the member’s area of PixiesPillows is that the latest update was added on October 24, 2006, more than seven months ago. It’s a little disheartening to find out you just paid for a site that will never be updated again, but keep your head held high because there are plenty of reasons why your membership is worth it. Chief among those is the fact that you get to look at pictures and videos of Pixie, a beautiful teen babe with a hot body.

Pixie has 43 picture galleries for you, each represented by a thumbnailed photo. The photos do a decent job of depicting what you’ll find inside the gallery so just click the one you like best. The first one I visited showed a picture of Pixie’s ass while she was posing in black stockings and thong panties. The gallery didn’t disappoint either as it showed her in a sexy tube top and the aforementioned lingerie. I did notice something odd though. They don’t show the photos in chronological order. It’s jarring to browse a gallery where the strip show isn’t done in order; how else am I supposed to enjoy the build up?

That nitpick aside I really enjoyed checking out Pixie’s beautiful body in that gallery and had my eyes set on browsing through many more. After seeing much of the content it’s clear that a lingerie set is an anomaly for Pixie. She prefers to pose in typical teen outfits like pajamas, a t-shirt and cotton panties, or a tank top and panties. It’s not upsetting to see, but I wish she had busted out the sexy underthings more often. Pixie is also a non nude model, so while she gets topless in most galleries you won’t have the privilege of seeing her nipples.

As I mentioned above there’s a picture of Pixie kissing another girl on the tour. Well, that kiss comes from a tasty picture gallery she did with a brunette girlfriend. The girls are on the couch wearing matching pajama sets (different colors) and fooling around. They grope each other, share a number of sensual kisses, and seem well on their way to a hot lesbian scene by the time the pictures end. My absolute favorite gallery features Pixie posing in a white corset with black boning. She also has on black stockings and a thong. It’s this gallery that made me wish for more lingerie shots because she’s so fabulously beautiful in it.

In the short time Pixie spent shooting new content for her site she managed to crank out twenty hot videos. The videos are most notable because they give you the opportunity, however limited, to see Pixie’s naked breasts. Because the videos are just filmed versions of her photo shoots she’s often seen switching the arm that covers her breasts. When she makes the switch her nipples come out to play for a bit and we can all gasp in delight. It turns out that her naked breasts are just as beautiful as you might have imagined, if not better.

Each video plays at 640x480 and a high enough kbps (1600) that they look great full screen. Short of true HD videos this is about as good as it gets. The high quality means a five minute video will run you about 50mb, but it’s worth the extra downloading time. You can also stream the videos in an embedded media player if you desire. While all the videos are great there are a few that stand out as classics. My favorite features Pixie posing in purple fishnet stockings and a purple tank top. I love fishnet stockings and on a girl as beautiful and curvy as Pixie they look fantastic. I also enjoyed watching her pose outdoors in a pink bra and panty set along with knee high white socks. She looked like a total cutie.

PixiesPillows isn’t a standalone site. Instead your membership comes with access to a slew of bonus material. First there are 22 solo babe sites built much like Pixie’s. They all have picture galleries and video clips. Some girls are hotter than Pixie and some are less attractive. There’s something there for everyone though. There’s also a large collection of DVDs that you can access at anytime. They feature content from all across the porn spectrum, including some fetish material. Finally there are more than 40 sites where you can download exclusive hardcore videos and browse picture galleries.

Croco’s Opinion

Pixie pretty much delivers on everything she promised in the tour. The real shame is that she didn’t stick around long enough to build a large site. Instead she’s left us with just over 40 picture galleries and 20 video clips. That’s not quite enough to warrant a long term membership, but you may be convinced to do so by all the bonus content that comes free when you sign up.


The site is super simple and as such it’s not a problem finding what you want.

Pricing Policy

Billing is by credit card or online check. The fee is $28.69 for the first 30 days and $25.69 every thirty days after that.

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